Rome Weds France

Rome Weds France 2018

To say that this was the wedding of the century would be a total understatement. I was introduced to Paige through my sister and her friendship with Paige's sister Krissy. I'm so grateful for this coincidence because it gave me the chance of meeting one of the most kind, funny, talented, thoughtful, beautiful + PHOTOGENIC humans I've ever met. Cue up Andrew, Paige's (now) hubby + factor in that they had been together for almost 4, 000 days prior to actually tying the official knot, these two have a love for the ages. I love them so much for everything that they are together + more so, the way in which they share this massive bond with each other, while always giving the other one the space to explore + grow, whether that be for months apart while Paige taught in the UAE, or most recently together, when they took their honeymoon with half of their family throughout Sri Lanka + parts of Europe. I wish them a lifetime of laughs, tears (if you know them this makes appropriate sense lol) + heaps of love.

A Couple of my faves are below, click the Love link in bio to see the full set!


Mangat Babies Get Showered

I absolutely love, love, love when old friends call me up and ask me to shoot for them. On this occasion, a friend since middle school called Chandeep rang me up to see if I was available for his daughter's 1st birthday party. We caught up a bit and planned the details for later in June when he also was gracious enough to hook me up with his sister-in-law Nancy, who needed a photog last minute for her baby shower at Lionhead Golf + Country Club. I had the best time; the food was incredible, the children adorable, the aunties so kind + watching a bunch of grown women chugging water out of baby bottles was 100% entertaining to say the least!

Sign me up for ALL the Mangat Family (and their friends; shoutout to my new BFF Puneet #disappearingmacaroons) events please!

Here are some of my favourite snaps from the day: