Mangat Babies Get Showered

I absolutely love, love, love when old friends call me up and ask me to shoot for them. On this occasion, a friend since middle school called Chandeep rang me up to see if I was available for his daughter's 1st birthday party. We caught up a bit and planned the details for later in June when he also was gracious enough to hook me up with his sister-in-law Nancy, who needed a photog last minute for her baby shower at Lionhead Golf + Country Club. I had the best time; the food was incredible, the children adorable, the aunties so kind + watching a bunch of grown women chugging water out of baby bottles was 100% entertaining to say the least!

Sign me up for ALL the Mangat Family (and their friends; shoutout to my new BFF Puneet #disappearingmacaroons) events please!

Here are some of my favourite snaps from the day: